High speed door installed at a warehouse in Leeds

High Speed Door Installation for Amazon’s Warehouse in Leeds

A new high speed door installed at Amazon's Leeds warehouse.

DT Services Ltd were called upon to install a brand new high speed door at Amazon’s warehouse in Leeds.

We installed a new FBS Mavione high-speed door, providing a compact, quiet operation for internal environments. This door has fantastic energy efficiency, and maintenance is made simple due to the wide availability of spare parts, making it an ideal choice for food and retail sectors.

The FBS Mavione is designed for swift and straightforward installation, incorporating an innovative self-repairing mechanism. This advanced feature consists of a rapid-rise self-repairing curtain that facilitates automatic realignment in the event of incidental damage, achieved through a full upward cycle. Furthermore, the integrated anti-collision system is engineered to respond to obstructions, such as a forklift encounter, by opening and subsequently resetting before closing. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also significantly reduces the financial burden of repairs.