Vehicle Control

Automatic retractable bollards are mainly used to control vehicle traffic, and come in several specifications.

Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards are permanently cemented in place, and come in a variety of styles and heights.

Automatic Retractable Bollards

Commercial automatic retractable bollards retract into the ground for vehicle traffic control. They are particularly effective when used alongside other security access systems.

They are unobtrusive when lowered and virtually vandal proof when raised.

Antiterrorist Crash Bollards

These bollards have been designed and tested to stop a speeding truck. Various ratings are available, and our top end PAS 68 bollards have been tested to stop a 7.5 ton truck travelling at 40mph.

Protection Kerbs

Protection kerbs reduce impacts and shield your kerbs from damage. They can be fixed in position by anchor bolts, or simply haunched in with temporary tarmac.

Service and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your automatic access solutions is essential. For more information on our service and mainteance plan, including access to reduced rates, click here.