Entrance Systems for Schools and MATs

Providing reliable, secure entrance solutions for schools and academies.

security gate at a school in Hull

Helping Schools to Meet Statutory Safeguarding Requirements

DT Services Ltd provide all aspects of school entry and exits, including: automatic doors, security gates, fire escapes, parking barriers and access control.

Schools are complex enough, without needing to worry about insecure school access which could put children at risk, and land the school in hot water with OFSTED or the Local Authority.

DT Services gives peace-of-mind that your school access functions smoothly, increases the security of the site, increases the safety of the building during emergencies, and helps the flow of foot and vehicle traffic during peak times.

DT Services' School Entry Solutions:

Automatic door installed by DT Services

Automatic Doors

Automatic doors perform their best in high traffic areas, such as school entrances, where a speedy entry is essential.

a school fire exit

Fire Doors

Increase the safety of pupils and staff by allowing them to evacuate quickly in the event of a school fire.

a card being presented to an access control unit in a school

Access Control

Improve safeguarding provision by ensuring that the site can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

Security Doors

Heavy duty steel doors protect less busy areas, such as storage units and boiler rooms. Security grills are also available.

fire shutter installed in a Hull school

Fire Shutters

Fire shutters close when the alarm system is triggered and slow the spread of fire, giving pupils extra time to evacuate.

Parking Barriers

Manage the traffic flow into the school car park. These work well with access control to keep car parks secure.