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Automatic Doors and Roller Shutters in Sheffield: Installation and Maintenance

DT Services LTD is a provider of automatic entrance solutions for customers in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. We have served the Yorkshire region, and beyond, for over 20 years.

Sheffield has a lasting legacy as one of the world's most famous, and best, steel producing cities. Many of the old factories, or newly developed sites where they once stood, still require automated entrance solutions, and our work in the region includes famous brands such as Heron Foods, Sewell and the NHS. These clients in particular benefit from DT Services roller shutter installation to protect their premises.

Automatic doors are also popular in Sheffield due to its large and diverse shopping area, including Meadowhall, Fargate and The Moor Market. Companies in Sheffield rely on us to install automatic doors that improve their property access, as well as comply with relevant legislation.

Roller Shutters installed in Sheffield

Roller Shutter Installation in Sheffield

Our team have been installing new roller shutters in Sheffield for over 20 years. We specialise in industrial and commercial units, providing better access solutions for shops and factories.

We can provide a whole range of roller shutters depending on your needs. Some of our most common shutter installations are for:

  • Security shutters to protect premises from burglary and vandalism
  • High speed shutters for quick access and temperature maintenance
  • Fire-rated shutters to reduce the spread and impact of a fire.

Unlike many other companies, we manufacture all of our own products at our dedicated unit, just down the road in Hull. This gives us the unmatched ability to make truly bespoke items that are the perfect fit, in both size and style, for your building.

It also means that we significantly reduce our overheads and pass this saving onto you!

Roller Shutters in Sheffield

Red rollers on a factory door in Sheffield

Roller Shutter Maintenance and Repairs in Sheffield

If your existing roller shutters just need looking after, we also offer a maintenance service to keep your shutters running smoothly.

Our inspection and maintenance procedure ensures that your roller shutters

  • Remain fully functional for critical business operations
  • Are operating safely, in-line with legal requirements
  • Protect any manufacturer's warranty or building insurance.

Our Service and Maintenance Plan ensures that your automatic entrances continue to operate safely and efficiently, whilst also giving you access to reduced hourly rates! Roller Shutter Servicing and Maintenance

Automatic Door Installation in Sheffield

Our specialist automatic door installation team come with decades of experience, and have expertise in the manufacture and installation of:

  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Automatic swing doors
  • Steel security doors
  • Fire rated doors

With all of our products being designed and manufactured by us at our specialists unit, we can offer significant cost savings which we pass on to our customers.

Automatic Doors in Sheffield

Automatic Door Repair and Maintenance in Sheffield

We offer our maintenance service for automatic doors which require regular checks to:

  • Maintain safe operation
  • Allow continued access to the premises for staff and customers
  • Stay within legal compliance for automated machinery
  • Prolong the life of the door, reducing long-term spend.

Our Service and Maintenance Plan gives you peace of mind and saves money!Automatic Door Repair and Maintenance

Some Of Our Recent Projects in Sheffield and Surrounding Areas: