A picture of Sheffield Town Hall


DT Services LTD is a provider of automatic entrance solutions for customers in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. We have served the Yorkshire region, and beyond, for over 20 years.

Sheffield has a lasting legacy as one of the world's most famous, and best, steel producing cities. Many of the old factories, or newly developed sites where they once stood, still require automated entrance solutions, and our work in the region includes famous brands such as Heron Foods, Sewell and the NHS. These clients in particular benefit from DT Services roller shutter installation to protect their premises.

Automatic doors are also popular in Sheffield due to its large and diverse shopping area, including Meadowhall, Fargate and The Moor Market. Companies in Sheffield rely on us to install automatic doors that improve their property access, as well as comply with relevant legislation.

Here you can view some of our completed jobs in Sheffield.