a partially opened steel roller shutter door

Are Roller Shutters Worth It?

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Roller shutters are a popular choice for many commercial and industrial properties. Their popularity stems from the many benefits they bring, such as providing additional security to reducing energy costs, making them almost a no-brainer for many business owners. But before you invest in roller shutters, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons, as well as the cost, to help determine whether they’re right for your business.

What Are Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters are a type of window covering that is used to cover both small and large windows, as well as entrances. They consist of several horizontal slats which can be opened or closed by rolling them up or down, hence the name roller shutters. Roller shutters installed on a commercial or industrial premises are usually made from metal, often aluminium, thanks to its durability which makes maintaining shutters easy.

They are a very common sight along high streets after shops have closed, as well as in industrial areas as part of factory security and accessibility.

Advantages of Roller Shutters

With such popularity among commercial and industrial property owners, it is clear that roller shutters must have many benefits.


Firstly, roller shutters offer a high level of security as they are made from strong and durable metals that are difficult to break into. Additionally, the shutter’s design allows for extra protection against forced entry due to its locking system. The bottom slat of a roller shutter door curtain will have a plate installed that secures it to the ground, providing a useful additional layer of security and preventing forced openings.

Roller shutters also protect windows from flying debris during storms and other bad weather conditions. This means that the window glass is less likely to be damaged and causing both a security concern as well as a risk to visiting customers and staff. If they’re installed in particularly cold or windy areas, then roller shutters may require some extra maintenance.

Increasing security is a major concern for high-value premises such as shops or pubs, which contain high amounts of cash and therefore can be a target for break-ins. Roller shutters installed in Leeds at the Brundell Social Club increased the security of the building after closing time.

Roller shutter installed in Leeds
The roller shutter installed at this club in Leeds provides increased security.

Energy Savings

Roller shutters provide an improvement in the energy efficiency of a building, thanks to their thermal properties. When installed over a door or window, they provide an extra layer of insulation that helps to retain heat inside a building. They can also help to regulate temperatures when a cooler temperature is required indoors by blocking out direct sunlight, saving money on climate control. This can be particularly important in areas such as food preparation units, where cooling is necessary.

Some roller shutters come with added insulation, which further enhances their energy saving properties. When we installed a steel roller shutter door at this premises in Hull, the building saw immediate improvements in heat retention largely thanks to the tight fitting compared to their old door.

Steel roller shutter installed in Hull
This tightly-fitted steel roller shutter provides the building with better heat-retention, compared to the old door that had missing panels.


Roller shutters come with safety features included that can help to increase safety, and in many cases make them safer than traditional manually operated doors.

Firstly, roller shutters must be fitted with a safety brake which prevents the door from crashing down at high speeds. If there is a sudden increase in speed, which would indicate a fall, the brake will work to stop the door. This safety feature helps to protect pedestrians from accidents and is also legally required. DT Services were able to help install an anti-fall brake device on this roller shutter installed in a Nottingham store, which keeps them compliant with the relevant safety legislation.

Secondly, fire-rated shutters can reduce the spread and impact of a fire and smoke damage in a building. By creating break-points within a building, fire-rated roller shutters help to increase the time available for personnel to be evacuated from a building, which could be life-saving. Fire-rated shutters installed in Hull at this school help to keep staff and children safe in the event of a fire, and with shutters integrated into the fire alarm system they automatically close upon detection of a fire, giving the maximum amount of time to get everyone to safety.

fire shutter installed in a Hull school
These fire-rated roller shutters are 4-hour rated, meaning that they provide a protective barrier against fires for 4 hours.

Improved Access

Roller shutters aren’t always used for protecting doors and windows, but can also be used as a door themselves. This is common in industrial units, where the regular coming and going of goods would make it inefficient to open and close doors manually. In some specialists units, for example refrigeration units, temperature control is important. In these cases, high speed roller shutters can be used to ensure that a building is only open to the elements for as long as needed.

DT Services installed a roller shutter door at an industrial unit in Hull, providing the customer with improved access their facility.

Roller Shutter installed in Hull on a free standing tent
This temporary production tent in Hull benefits from the increased security and easy access of a roller shutter door.

Disadvantages of Roller Shutters

Whilst the advantages of roller shutters typically outweigh their drawbacks, you must still consider whether roller shutters are the right solution for your premises. Some of the main disadvantages of roller shutters are outlined below.


Roller shutter installation represents an investment in your business. Although they require an initial expenditure to purchase the parts and pay for installation, this could pay for itself many times over in saved costs and time from fewer break-ins, improved energy efficiency and better access for staff and customers.

Typically, the roller shutter product itself ranges anywhere from £300 – £1500, however there will be significant variations in price based on:

  • size of the door curtain
  • the condition of the existing opening and whether modifications need to be made
  • the material it’s made from
  • integration with other systems, such as fire or intruder alarms
  • whether is it operated manually, electrically or automatically.

Add in the cost of labour for the roller shutter installation, and you could be looking a few thousand pounds of total expense. You need to decide whether this is worth the financial cost for your business.

If you’re unsure, you could contact us for a quote. We are able to offer very competitive pricing as we manufacture our own products at our facility in Hull. The savings we make from not having to pay suppliers are passed onto our customers!


Although maintaining a roller shutter is generally very easy, it is an extra consideration that you will need to account for when deciding whether roller shutters are worth it. The use of any mechanical entrance puts a legal obligation on a building’s Responsible Person to ensure that it is adequately maintained and operating safely.

DT Services offer a maintenance plan that ensures your roller shutters and any other entrance system are safe and operating at their best. Not only does this increase the lifespan of your entrance systems, it also keeps you compliant with relevant legislation. We even offer reduced rates for any remedial works completed for service plan customers.


Roller shutters are the go-to solution for most businesses who are looking to increase the security of their premises. Their durability and sturdiness make them an ideal deterrent against break-ins and vandalism. Once you add in their energy-saving potential, as well as improved access for staff and customers, it’s easy to understand how roller shutters are well worth it for any shop or factory owner.

If you have any more questions regarding roller shutters, or would like a no-obligation consultation, simply contact us on this page, and one of our experienced engineers will be in touch to discuss your needs with you.