Two roller shutter doors on an industrial unit

Roller Shutters In Winter

Roller Shutters can make a great addition to your premises, and have some great benefits for the winter months. However, the colder weather also brings some extra considerations for maintenance.

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Adding roller shutters to your property can bring a range of useful benefits. Firstly, they add an extra layer of security to your premises. The addition of an an extra layer of aluminium can acts as a barrier to prevent break-ins, safeguarding your site and your property.

But did you know that roller shutters also have a range of benefits for the winter months? If you live in an area more prone to harsh winters, such as the North East of England, you may need to pay particular attention to your shutters.

We will explain how to look after roller shutters in the winter, and then help you to decide whether new roller shutters will be worthwhile before the colder weather hits.

Roller Shutters Help With Heat Retention

The cost of energy is a huge concern to small business owners. With prices rising, many are being forced to pass on costs to their customers, which may have a significant impact on their sales and revenue.

Well-fitted roller shutters can help to reduce the cost of energy bills. Windows and doors account for a significant amount of heat loss from a building. During the winter months, this makes it harder to maintain a reasonable temperature for your staff and customers. Larger entrances, such as warehouse entrances for example, will have cause more heat loss.

Roller shutters act as an extra layer of insulation over your entries. This can prevent heat loss in your unit and therefore reduce how much you spend on heating the premises! They can also open and close rapidly, giving less chance for warm air to escape from indoors.

You see similar heat retention benefits with automatic sliding doors.

Roller Shutter Maintenance In Winter

Winter is harsher on shutters than the nicer months. High winds, rain and freezing temperatures have an impact on the integrity of the shutter and they will need extra care to continue performing at their best. Prevention is almost always cheaper than the cure, and although we do repair roller shutters, it is almost always preferential for a business to keep on top of their maintenance.


Low temperatures can cause the lubricant on moving parts to dry out. Topping up the grease in the motors is essential to prevent metal on metal abrasion. You will also want to lubricate the guide rails to ensure smooth operation of the roller door curtain.

Ideally, you should re-grease the shutters once per year. However, during particularly harsh winters you may wish to top it up to ensure continued performance.


Winter brings more dirt. From mud, slush and grit on the roads to debris being blown around in harsher winds, it is likely that your shutters will need more cleaning during winter. You may be particularly affected by higher winds if you’re located in coastal areas, and will need to take additional measures to prevent damage.

The best way to clean roller shutters during the winter is by using a simple hose pipe with normal water pressure. You should avoid the temptation to use any abrasive cleaners, strong bleaches or solvents to clean your shutter. These may cause damage to the door curtain, and if used on moving parts can remove the lubricating grease which keeps them operating safely.

Check Ups

If you’re unsure about the safe operation of your roller shutter this winter, it is best to contact a professional to carry out a service. This will keep your shutter operational and it’s also a legal requirement to maintain your powered doors.

Do I Need New Roller Shutters This Winter?

If you’re considering adding roller shutters to your premises due to the range of benefits they bring, you may be wondering whether to wait until after the winter ends. Here are some things to take into account when deciding whether to install new roller shutters.


Your budget may be the primary consideration that you need to make. After all, if the budget won’t allow for improvement to your business then there’s not much you can do. Something as integral to your business as roller shutter doors should be considered an investment, rather than an expense. If you operate a factory or certain commercial units, then it may be impossible to do business without an effective shutter door.

DT Services are one of very few companies that provide cover all aspects of entrances, from manufacture to installation. Offering this as one company, rather than relying on third party suppliers, means that we can pass on cost savings to our customers.

If you’re worried that budget may be an issue, get in touch and have a chat with one of our engineers. We will be able to offer you a no-obligation consultation, and the costs of roller shutter replacement may pleasantly surprise you.

Roller Shutter Condition

At some point, all entry solutions will reach the end of their life. Roller shutters are no different. The condition of the shutter will help determine whether you should replace them. A newer shutter which has been maintained properly will last for longer than an older shutter which hasn’t been looked after.

At a certain point, it becomes more financially viable in the long-term to replace a shutter than doing regular repairs.

Other Considerations

If you have any other questions about roller shutter maintenance or replacement during winter, use our contact page to speak to one of the team. We’ll be happy to help you out!