a perforated roller shutter installed on a shop front

Roller Shutters – Easy Way To Increase Shop Security

Fewer than half of shops are currently using roller shutters to increase the security of their premises.

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Roller shutters help to prevent unwanted intruders to your premises, as well as helping to prevent vandalism. But despite this, fewer than half of commercial properties are fitted with window and door shutters to increase their security.

Respondents to the Home Office 2023 Commercial Victimisation Survey showed that only 33% of premises are fitted with shutters on windows or doors, a security measure that could improve the security of a building.

How Do Roller Shutters Improve Security?

Roller shutters improve shop security in three main ways:

  • by serving as a visual deterrent to criminals, who can see that they will have to put in extra effort to access a premises
  • by providing a steel barrier between the outside and the vulnerable points of glass windows and locks
  • by slowing down the entry of even a determined trespasser, which may give enough time for a police response to arrive.

Depending on the style of shutter you install, you can benefit from immediate security as well as other advantages, such as energy savings.

How Much Are Roller Shutters?

The cost of roller shutters depends on several factors, including: size, material, manual or automatic operation, and whether it is to be integrated with fire and burglar alarms.

However, we typically expect the roller shutter itself to cost from £300 to £1500, plus costs installation costs. We believe that the benefits they bring hugely outweigh the investment, and are an obvious choice to increase the security of a shop premises.

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