New fire shutters installation in Hedon Road, Hull, by DT Services

New Fire Shutters in Hedon Road, Hull

This company, working at the ABP site on Hedon Road, Hull, spotted the DT Services van while we were completing an installation of sectional doors in Immingham.

They requested 5 new fire shutters to be installed at their site in Hull. Previously, there were no fire shutters in place, which put the premises at risk from the spread of fire as well as smoke damage.

With the brand new fire shutters installed by DT Services, the building benefits from fire protection for up to 4 hours longer than standard doors/shutters. This precious time can allow fire services to attend the fire before it spreads further.

Installation of fire shutters such as these can also be required for certain building regulations, and may reduce insurance premiums.

Fire shutter installation in Hull by DT Services