a fire exit in a school

Fire Door Inspections in Hull

DT Services helped to improve fire safety at this Multi Academy Trust school in Hull.

We have recently completed a full fire door inspection for a local Multi Academy Trust. This service included all internal and external fire doors and any fire rated shutters.

The importance of ensuring fire doors are in good working order can’t be overstated. If your doors are in need of repairs, or have any gaps, they will offer limited or no protection against fire. This is incredibly dangerous for the users of your building, and can also lead to fines or prosecutions if doors are found to be faulty.

If you’re a Responsible Person for your building, the liability will fall on you to ensure that doors are in full working condition during an emergency. Regular fire door inspections will help to ensure that your doors are fully compliant and will help to save lives in a fire.

Our engineers inspected all doors on site, completed all fixes during the visit. We also sent over full reports advising on what was needed to ensure they have the best levels of protection in case of fire. This Multi Academy Trust can now be confident that their fire doors are working as they should be, and will help to protect staff and pupils in the event of a fire.

a fire exit in a school
fire door installed in Hull by DT Services