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5 Benefits of Automatic Doors for Your Business.

You may think that your doorway isn't important. These 5 reasons to install automatic doors will make you think again.

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Why you should install automatic doors at your business premises.

Automatic doors offer users convenience, but also some essential benefits. It is probably fair to assume that you haven’t considered automatic doors as part of your company’s marketing efforts. However you really should, because the proper installation of automatic doors will improve your business operations and customer experience.

Here are 5 benefits of automatic doors for your business.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Your customers’ experience starts as soon as they set eyes on your building. If your entrance is old, worn and tatty, it is going to set a low expectation of your services. If you can’t be bothered to make your premises look the part, why should a customer expect that you’ll put the effort into serving them?

Automatic doors help to set the tone for your customer’s visit. If you own a hotel, retail unit or office block, visitors may expect an automatic entrance. Not providing this can be off-putting for customers, even if they only subconsciously notice. Chances are you wouldn’t choose to stay in a hotel because of their doors, however, you’d probably notice if you booked a 5 star hotel and had to pull open a heavy door on your arrival.

Because there are a number of different types of automatic door, you can be sure that there is one to fit the size of your entrance and suit the style you are looking for. You don’t need to settle for the type you last saw at the supermarket.

More Hygienic

Since 2020, everyone is more aware of hand hygiene. Manually operated doors, which can be touched by hundreds of people in a day, are one of the dirtiest objects that we come into contact with. Because people cough or sneeze into their hands, as well as touch contaminated surfaces, it should come as no surprise that hands are the most common way to spread disease.

You don’t even need to have a high traffic building for door handles to become a hotbed of bacteria. Studies show that some bacteria can survive up to 5 months on a door handle, so it is fair to assume that manually operated doors will host all manner of nasty bacteria.

An automatic door prevents the need for anyone to use their hands to enter your premises, and therefore reduces the number of opportunities for infection. Not only will your customers be grateful, but your staff could remain healthier and more productive throughout the year.

Air tight automatic doors can also prevent contamination from dust, as well as other external particles, which is great for areas where hygiene control is essential, such as labs or food preparation areas.

Better Access

It may seem obvious, but automatic doors make it easier for everyone to access the premises. This is especially important when it comes to disabled access, because you have a legal duty to ensure equal access to your services for everyone. The last thing you would want is a prosecution under the Equality Act 2010. This would likely incur a heavy financial cost, as well as reputational damage to your business as someone who doesn’t provide for disabled people. An automatic entrance removes the worry of this ever happening.

But the accessibility benefits of automatic doors stretch beyond just legal requirements. The idea of simply pulling or pushing open a door may seem trivial, however, your business will benefit from making the customer experience as smooth as possible. Trying to get through a manual door becomes a challenge if you’re already carrying bags of shopping, have a child in a pushchair or your arms, or even for those who are carrying a mobile phone in their hands.

The benefits of automatic doors can therefore be enjoyed by everyone. Your customers will have a better experience, and will therefore be more likely to visit again.


Automatic doors require regular maintenance to keep them operating smoothly and safely. This is necessary because, unlike manual doors, they include features to prevent people from getting trapped in the door’s plane of movement. However, basic weekly maintenance is straightforward as shown in our guide.

There are other safety features that you would hope to never need, but would be grateful for if you do. For example, an automatic door can be set to hold open in the event of an emergency when large numbers of people need to evacuate, such as during a fire.

The opposite may also be useful, as fire shutters can be programmed to close automatically by your fire detection systems. This can minimise fire spread, as well as preventing further damage from fire and smoke. Depending on the type of business you operate, your insurance company may even require fire shutters to be installed.

Save Energy

Most people are aware of the increasing costs of energy bills. You’d have to be rolling in cash or living off the grid not to.

Automatic doors only open when they are needed, i.e. when a person approaches. This means that heat isn’t lost through having doors remain open all day. The reverse is also true: an air conditioned room will also maintain its temperature at a lower cost by keeping doors shut when they’re not in use.

Their speed also helps to reduce heat loss, and therefore save money on heating the premises. The more quickly a door opens, and then closes, the less time there is for heat to escape. Your staff, customers and finance team will be grateful!

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